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Seawards Journey

The lure of the sea unites a crew of colorful eccentrics in this gently comedic road movie (2003) from Uruguay. A stranger turns up in the sleepy burg of Minas and immediately finds himself an object of curiosity to a surly grave digger, a slightly dim street sweeper, and an aged lottery ticket vendor; they in turn prove so entertaining to him that he impulsively tags along when they embark on a trip with a trucker and the town drunk. As the six men wend their way through the spectacular countryside, they swap tales, test each other, and bond. Amid the exquisite landscapes and simple pleasures a certain melancholy pervades, best summed up by the truck driver, who observes, “All the driver sees is what's ahead, but the real journey is what's behind you.” Guillermo Casanova directed, ably. In Spanish with subtitles. 80 min.

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