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Secrets of the Shadow World

Armed with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, avant-garde kitsch auteur George Kuchar has concocted an epic three-part documentary/home video about the making of his new UFO movie. Of course, the movie is just a pretense for Kuchar to interview various eccentric friends and pseudoscientific cranks, including John A. Keel, the irrepressible godfather of UFO conspiracies, who serves as the documentary's guiding light. Mixing cheesy special effects with some genuinely inspired camera work, Kuchar is clearly at home with digital video; it's the perfect medium for his brand of loopy, self-conscious camp (the mock trailer at the end, with its sex scene featuring the Roswell alien, is a hoot). Whether he's musing over crackpot theories, finding himself distracted by a starlet's posterior, or inquiring about the freshness of an alleged Sasquatch turd, Kuchar bounces between his subjects with irresistible breeziness and deadpan humor. 140 min.


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