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See Spot Run

A postman goes from flippantly agreeing to baby-sit the son of his neighbor, hoping this will rekindle her romantic interest in him, to solemnly assuring an FBI agent that the bureau isn't “a family, it's a job”—as if he knows. Along this trajectory he and the boy meet up with a dog that's also an AWOL FBI agent—a mob boss has put out a contract on it—and they're perplexed that the animal doesn't know how to play catch. All of this comedy's jokes are old: a well-dressed woman gets covered with mud, the postman gets covered with dog shit, the kid eats sugar and goes berserk, the mobsters are made fools of (much of the movie is just an elaborate setup for a joke about the boss's testicles). Yet there's sweetness in the relationship between the postman and the boy, even if their connection is based on a cloying, forced parallel—neither has had a father around. John Whitesell directed a screenplay by George Gallo, Dan Baron, and Chris Faber; with David Arquette. 94 min.


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