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Sepultura, Belphegor, Hate, Keep of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Bonded by Blood Recommended All Ages Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Thu., May 19, 5 p.m. 2011

Even by metal standards, Montreal-based tech-death band Neuraxis have had a revolving-door lineup since forming in 1994—one pretty much has to assume that their intricate matrix of pain somehow preserves the group's collective memory and keeps them sounding like themselves. They've just released their sixth studio album, Asylon (Prosthetic), the second with singer Alec Leblanc and the first with no original members (founding bassist Yan Thiel was replaced by Olivier Pinard two years ago). I'd like to say I can hear a dramatic difference, but the truth is I can't—the sheer violence of their music suggests a dystopian existence where individuality has ceased to matter and humans are all just fodder for vicious high-speed war machines. Guitarist Robin Milley, who's been in the band for 15 years, seems to be reaching for the posthuman with his compositions, particularly the longer tracks (that is, anything over four minutes—these guys don't really do epics), and the skittering, rupturing guitar lines sound like somebody playing jazz fusion on outer-space meth. Whatever happens to Neuraxis's lineup next, I doubt it'll matter: this stuff has so much momentum of its own, someday it might not even need humans to play it at all. —Monica Kendrick

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