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Serious Moonlight

Murdered by a home invader in 2006, actress-writer-director Adrienne Shelly received a fitting artistic memorial when her last feature, Waitress (2007), was posthumously released to glowing reviews. That should have been the end of her filmography, but Cheryl Hines (who costarred in Waitress) has decided to make her feature directing debut with an unfilmed screenplay Shelly left behind. A brusque executive (Meg Ryan) goes bananas when her husband (Timothy Hutton) announces he's in love with a younger woman (Kristen Bell); unwilling to let him go, the wife conks him on the head, duct-tapes him to a chair, and tries to win back his love. This bizarre situation and the characters' unbelievable responses to it undermine much of the intended comedy and drama, and a mid-movie plot twist proves so eerily similar to Shelly's real-life misadventure that the whole project begins to seem freakish. With Justin Long. R, 85 min.



  • Cheryl Hines


  • Meg Ryan
  • Timothy Hutton
  • Kristen Bell
  • Justin Long
  • Kimberlee Peterson
  • Andy Ostroy
  • Derek Carter
  • Nathan Dean
  • Bill Parks


  • Adrienne Shelly


  • Andy Ostroy
  • Michael Roiff

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