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Sex With Strangers

I'm tempted to render a moral judgment of this documentary rather than a critical one, so clearly it got to me. Joe and Harry Gantz, who created the HBO reality show Taxicab Confessions, spent a year following three couples who swing, and the graphic sexual encounters in their DV feature are leavened by the equally graphic treatment of the emotional confusion that envelops some of the participants. James and Theresa tool around in a mobile home trying to pick up other couples at bars; Gerard and Shannon, who have a young son, turned to swinging after each of them strayed from their marriage; and Calvin and Sara, both in their 20s, pursue a messy menage a trois with Julie, who begins to nudge Sara out of the picture. In each case the man seems to be controlling the situation, so naturally, despite all the talk about “openness,” there isn't a single male coupling in the film. The Gantzes are utterly neutral in their presentation of “the lifestyle,” eliciting some stomach-turning rationalizations from the principals. 105 min.

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