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Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner: seven days
Open Late: Till 12:30 every night.

Price: $

Ultracheap Paki-Indian place that doubles as a convenience store.

Restaurant Details

It looks like a convenience store and sells phone cards and packaged imported foods, but most of the space is a comfortable if sparse Paki-Indian restaurant where you feel like you're eating at a kitchen table (complete with infantile screeches pouring from a separate area behind a beaded curtain labeled "Family Room"). The surroundings are grotty but the food is good, and once you order at the counter the service zooms. There's lots of savory vegetarian stuff, plus curries and stews full of beef, chicken, goat, or lamb. Dishes using the last two are smack-in-the-eyes rich but also heavily seasoned with lots of coriander seeds to aid digestion and served with a tiny side of salad and spicy yogurt. If those don't help, treat yourself to a digestif at Big Chicks down the street and a toddle along the lake.

Ann Sterzinger

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Price: $

Payment Type: MasterCard, Visa

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