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She Hears Voices


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Think you might be haunted? Local psychic Ruth Berger knows the warning signs: an inexplicably cold area in your house, mysterious sounds like knocking or banging or someone calling your name, and TVs and radios that pop on by themselves. Shaking beds are a sign, but only if you're sleeping. If you have a sudden chill, feel queasy, dizzy, and out of balance, it's either the flu or a message from the other side. And if someone you care about has been killed or knocked themselves off, and you find yourself overwhelmed by fear--well, boo!--somebody wants to contact you. Berger, who also reads auras by mail (send her a photo and $14.95; she'll throw in a book), says she resisted conversing with ghosts for years because she was afraid of them, but when the spirits began to interrupt her stand-up shows, she gave in. Now she's written a new book, They Don't See What I See: How to Talk With Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over, a manual she claims will demonstrate "how almost anyone can learn to listen to the voices that might be trying to reach them from beyond." She'll talk about it at 2 on Saturday, October 26, at Borders Books and Music, 7100 Forest Preserve Dr. in Norridge (708-457-2111). She'll materialize at the Borders at 15260 S. La Grange Rd. in Orland Park (708-460-7566) at 7:30 on Tuesday, October 29. Both programs are free.

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