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Shoot 'Em Up

Even if you're square enough to find celebrations of mass slaughter tacky, it's hard to deny that Clive Owen drives carrots through his opponents' skulls with such stylish panache you forget real carrots aren't lethal. Similarly, the way he casually mows down a mob while spontaneously delivering a baby in the opening sequence makes it seem only reasonable that he'd bully a prostitute (Monica Bellucci) into nursing it while the trio flee from cackling, villainous Paul Giamatti, or that she'd quickly fall in love with her laconic abuser, interrupting her maternal duties only long enough to raise some cash by giving a blow job in an alley. One can certainly be amused and entertained by writer-director Michael Davis's hyperbolic action frolics—I was—but not without feeling pretty low and stupid. R, 87 min.


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