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Steely Mark Wahlberg stars as a legendary U.S. Army sniper coaxed out of retirement by the feds to help foil an assassination plot on the president; after someone takes a shot at the chief executive, Wahlberg discovers that he's the patsy in a government conspiracy. The story is often ridiculous (when's the last time you saw the president give an open-air speech facing a vacant building?), but director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) provides plenty of fun distractions, including an evil Russian in a wheelchair, a conniving U.S. senator (Ned Beatty), and a heroine who favors tank tops. There's also a slo-mo shot of Wahlberg striding toward the camera as a gigantic fireball erupts behind him, a gimmick I thought had passed into the realm of parody. With Michael Pena and Danny Glover. R, 124 min.

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