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Show Game Live! From the Milky Way!


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In this partly improvised comedy created and directed by Katie Hawkey, aliens abduct people and force them to participate in an intergalactic game show reminiscent of Jeopardy!, Family Feud, Double Dare, and other TV contests. Shamelessly tacky materialism makes game shows an easy target, but this attempt at parody falls short. The alien emcee (Justin Warren) lacks the right oily glibness, the questions and challenges are too easy, and, fatally, this Oracle/Gimpydog production never establishes the genre's all-important atmosphere of cheesy exuberance. And Lord only knows why the thing is set in outer space. --Zac Thompson a Through 12/17: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 7 PM, Oracle Productions, 3809 N. Broadway, 773-244-2980, $20, $15 in advance, industry shows Sun.

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