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Show Title Deemed Indecent by FCC


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SHOW TITLE DEEMED INDECENT BY FCC, Second City E.T.C. Despite the title, this snappy revue is more about bitter romantic relationships and general misanthropic tendencies than it is about politics. But the sketches are so fresh that it doesn't matter. The opening scene is an overview of the way we feel pressured to be in a relationship no matter how bad it is. One character, mourning her single status, says: "I hate everyone I don't know. I know only people I hate." Another sketch weds politics and relationship commentary, imagining that gays and lesbians are actually trying to convert straight Americans.

This revue also showcases physical comedy, a departure for the ensemble admirably handled by cast members Sam Albert, Jennifer Bills, Frank Caeti, Matthew Craig, Rebecca Drysdale, and Peter Grosz. The evening's best moment is a cinematic chase scene alternating slow motion with high-speed action as a speedy elderly man on foot and two cops in their car (rolling office chairs) pursue a purse snatcher on a motorcycle.

One political sketch stands out. A pandering television host moderates a debate by three presidential candidates: one who cares about the issues, one who's a consummate crowd-pleaser, and one who avoids questions entirely by delivering down-home anecdotes. Like all the best comedy, it's funny because it's true.

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