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Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

This Australian documentary recounts the bizarre story of Raymond Huffman and Peter Haskett, alcoholic roommates in San Francisco whose high-decibel arguments in the late 80s were surreptitiously recorded by the young rockers next door, began circulating on cassette tapes, and became an international cult sensation. Despite the questionable legality of the recordings, they've inspired comic books, pop songs, and various dramatizations on stage and video, to the point where the unsuspecting stars (who died in 1992 and '96, respectively) begin to seem less like nightmare neighbors and more like the victims of rampant exploitation and voyeurism. Mitch Deprey and Eddie Lee Sausage, who made the original recordings, play both sides against the middle, expressing their retrospective fondness for the two drunks even as they milk the experience for all it's worth. When Deprey and director Matthew Bate, hoping to interview an old crony of Huffman and Haskett's, show up at the man's grim SRO hotel with a $100 check and a six-pack of beer, you wonder which party has actually hit rock bottom.



  • Matthew Bate


  • Stephen Cleary
  • Julie Ryan
  • Sophie Hyde

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