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Mark Morgan's biggest claim to fame so far is that he's sold T-shirts for cheese-metal spaz Andrew W.K. (They were friends in Michigan and both separately moved to New York.) His own band, Sightings, is loud and raucous too, though not in the 1,000-watt manner of W.K.'s band: on the trio's no-fi, no-title debut for Load Records, Morgan's unintelligible mental-patient rants cut through the constant tuning-fork-in-electric-socket guitar solos OK, but they're sometimes overwhelmed by the bass, which sounds like the distant roar of a forest fire. It's a rabid, blown-out jam session, full of caustic metal-on-metal guitar cacophony--so what's new?--but the fury seems more consolidated than in fellow dirty-dude noise joints like Hair Police (who are also on this bill) or Pink and Brown. The recording's barely audible at times, but reportedly Sightings are skull-fuckingly loud live--bring earplugs or Dramamine or both. Thursday, July 4, 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.

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