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Silver Images Film Festival

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The Silver Images Film Festival, sponsored by the Chicago-based documentary production and distribution company Terra Nova Films, concludes on Friday and Saturday, May 19 and 20, at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton. Tickets are $5, $3 for seniors (62 and over). For further information call 281-4114 or 881-8491.


Elder Visionaries

Two videos: Paul Carriere's Canadian Laure Riese (1994), about a French and French literature teacher, and Joshua Seftel's Old Warrior: Frank Manning and the Senior Power Movement (1994). Seftel will attend the screening. (7:30)

Shorts Program I

Three 1994 videos under the heading "Gay and Lesbian Issues": Ronit Bezalel's Canadian When Shirley Met Florence, Vickie Seitchik's Queer Son, and Jeff Benzow's Clyde's Strange Love. Bezalel and Benzow will answer questions after the screening. (9:15)

Paul Cadmus: Enfant Terrible at 80

A 1986 portrait of the veteran gay artist, who created his first scandal in 1934 when his painting of carousing sailors was thrown out of a WPA exhibition; David Sutherland directed. On the same program, Deborah Hoffmann's excellent 44-minute essay Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter (1994), nominated for an Academy Award, about her mother's struggle with Alzheimer's disease and the ways she copes with it. (9:30)


Shorts Program II

Short student films from Australia and various film schools in New York. A discussion will follow. (11:00 am)

Shorts Program III

A program of videos under the heading "Older Artists: Writers, Directors, Videomakers . . . " that are by and about older adult artists, including folk artist William Holzman, poet Helen Harrington, residents of a South Asian elderly home in Britain, and older adults in the entertainment industry. A discussion will follow the screening. (11:00 am)

Looking for Fun

See Critic's Choice. (1:15)

Shorts Program IV

Four videos under the heading "Elders as Conveyors of Cultural Identity," about older adults in ethnic communities. A discussion will follow the screening. (1:15)

Shorts Program V

Five short films under the heading "Displacing Stereotypes of Aging: New Visions of Long Life" that deal with media stereotypes in the U.S., Australia, China, and Ecuador. A discussion will follow the screening. (3:15)

Chicago's Very Own: Local Productions 1

Two videos: Cary Stauffacher's Something Should Be Done About Grandma Ruthie (1993) and James Keegan-Sommers's On Our Way to Hollywood. The directors and other participants in these videos will be present. (3:15 and 9:15)

Chicago's Very Own: Local Productions 2

Two films: Curtis Choy's The Fall of the I-Hotel (1993) and Brett Love's Emil and Fifi (1991). (5:15)

Chicago's Very Own: Local Productions 3

Three videos: Kriv Stenders's Motherland (1994) from Australia, Christine Kulcheski's Stories Inside (1994) from Canada, and Maria Luiza Aboim and Stephen Olsson's John Collier, Jr.: A Visual Journey (1993) from the U.S. (5:30)

Ruby and Rata

A 1990 feature from New Zealand, directed by Gaylene Preston, about the relationship between a single mother with a punk rock band and an elderly upstairs neighbor. On the same program, Jodee Samuelson's Canadian animated short, The Bath (1992). (7:15)

Resiliency of Older Adults

Two video documentaries: Harlan Steinberger's Tibor Jankay: The Art of Survival, about the 94-year-old artist and Holocaust survivor, and Ninety in the 90s, produced by Boston's WGBH TV. (7:15)

Paul Cadmus: Enfant Terrible at 80

See listing under Friday, May 19. (9:15)

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