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When: Mon., Nov. 23, 9 p.m. 2015

Twenty-six years ago a music-biz acquaintance insisted I pick up a crappy-looking LP that had just been released by a defunct combo from Hamilton, Ontario. Most of the music had been recorded in the mid-70s but was only then seeing the light of the day. Cyborgs Revisited by Simply Saucer remains a genuinely stunning piece of work, and it was one of the first times I’d heard a great band whose music had inexplicably gone unheard for so long. Reissued several times in the years since—with extra material on its 2003 incarnation—it’s a record of a protopunk band colliding early Pink Floyd with the Velvet Underground while anticipating the swooping synthesizer patterns Allen Ravenstine would bring to Pere Ubu. Simply Saucer was long ago the brainchild of Edgar Breau, who sings with a classic disaffected sneer—half bored, half pissed—as his hypnotic guitar spells are regularly disrupted by scrappy postpsych freakouts and the analog blurps of John LaPlante (aka Ping Romany). The epic title track takes the trippy vibe of “Interstellar Overdrive” and replaces its expansiveness with ferocious claustrophobia, while “Bullet Proof Nothing” sounds like a harbinger of what would take over CBGBs two years later. After a four-year wait a new collection of rare and live material called Saucerland will be released later this year by Logan Hardware Records in conjunction with Steve Krakow’s Galactic Archive label—and what I’ve heard only confirms that the greatness of Cyborgs was no fluke. Tonight’s show is being spun as the U.S. release party for the band’s Baby Nova EP, which Canadian label Schizophrenic Records put out back in June—but perhaps think of it more as a preface to the upcoming release of Saucerland. The current version of the band includes Breau and original bassist Kevin Christoff.

Peter Margasak

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