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"From the sky, the world is perfect!" declares the heroine of this morality play, a traffic reporter for a San Francisco radio station. Bedeviled by petty assholes reflecting the full spectrum of the seven deadlies, she's highly critical of earthly imperfection--until a cataclysmic earthquake forces her to rely on these same flawed people. Playwright Wendy MacLeod paints her allegorical characters with a broad brush, but in this debut production the Letting Go Theatre Company focuses on the text and renders the characters plausible. Kristen Pickering gives the everywoman figure a vulnerability that makes her self-righteousness easier to take: she also needs and deserves forgiveness. Through 8/28: Thu-Sun 8 PM. Breadline Theatre Laboratory, 1801 W. Byron, 312-464-4935. $15-$17. Closing.

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