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Woody Allen takes a 200-year snooze after an ulcer operation and wakes up in 2173, where he finds, to no one's surprise, Diane Keaton (as sphinxlike as ever), a Volkswagen, and a good number of Richard Nixon jokes. Like all of Allen's early films, this 1973 release is an ungainly collection of one-liners and misdirected sight gags that hardly qualifies as a “movie.” But as a stand-up routine it's a scream. With John Beck and Mary Gregory.



  • Woody Allen


  • Woody Allen
  • Diane Keaton
  • John Beck
  • Marya Small
  • Bartlett Robinson
  • Mary Gregory
  • Chris Forbes
  • Peter Hobbs
  • Spencer Milligan
  • Stanley Ross
  • Brian Avery
  • Don Keefer
  • Jessica Rains
  • Susan Miller


  • Woody Allen
  • Marshall Brickman


  • Marshall Brickman
  • Jack Grossberg
  • Charles H. Joffe
  • Ralph Rosenblum
  • Jack Rollins

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