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Smells Like Bill Wyman



Re: The Veruca Salt article [Post No Bills, January 24]

Please, the next time Bill Wyman returns to write one of his puffy fluffy buzzy encomiums for your music section, don't publish it under the name of Peter Margasak. I'm just thinking of poor Peter, turning red with shame that people will think of him socking his fee from Geffen Records toward, say, a down payment on a Vespa or trip to a Swiss jazz festival, mumbling, "Ah, fuck those trendy Wicker Park guys, abuse of power is power, I really need the money. Fuck you all, ha-ha-ha," etc. I know and respect Peter Margasak and know it must be killing him that people are thinking this way about him. If you must bring Bill Wyman back, let him boldly use his real name. He wouldn't be dragged into the street and slaughtered--we like Bill Wyman, we think he's funny!

Thax Douglas

W. Foster

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