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Smoking Sections Stink


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Being allowed to smoke in a public place is tantamount to being able to shoot off one's gun in a public place--both could kill others in the room, yet allowing the one would be laughable. Your article [The Works, May 27] brought up many other good points as well. No business has been lost in other smoke-free cities, so what is Chicago afraid of?

As I understand it, the mayor has talked about a compromise of forcing restaurants to expand their nonsmoking sections. But nonsmoking sections don't cut it, and they're so arbitrary! I've been in more than one establishment where the so-called no-smoking section is right next to the bar, which of course does allow smoking. Or this table is and that table isn't, and I'm next to an is, with the smoker leaning back her arm with the cigarette in it right under my nose. And of course it's the same smoke-filled air inside the room. So what's the point of agreeing to a solution that's really no solution?

Fran Ramer


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