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[snip] News flash: University of Illinois men's basketball program crushed by Bucknell, Utah State. According to the Knight Foundation's commission on intercollegiate athletics (, the most recent graduation rate of U. of I.'s men's basketball players was 47 percent, compared to 100 percent at Bucknell and Utah State. (Big Ten rival Michigan State graduates 64 percent, Wisconsin 73 percent.) The commission notes that 42 of the 65 men's teams in this year's NCAA tournament failed to graduate 50 percent. Only 6 of the 64 women's teams failed to graduate 50 percent.

[snip] "The cynical use by the US Republican Party of the Terri Schiavo case repeats, whether deliberately or accidentally, the tactics of Muslim fundamentalists and theocrats in places like Egypt and Pakistan," writes University of Michigan historian Juan Cole ( He compares Congress in its attempt to impose its will on Terri Schiavo and her legal guardian to the fundamentalists in Egypt who went to court to compel scholar Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid's wife to divorce him, on the grounds that he'd committed sacrilege by arguing that women and men should receive equal inheritance shares and that no Muslim woman was allowed to be married to an infidel. Zaid lost in court, and the couple fled to Holland.

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