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[snip] The real owners in the ownership society. Economist Gar Alperovitz writes in a article drawn from his new book, America Beyond Capitalism: "Our current 'ownership society' allocates just under 50 percent of the nation's business wealth to the top 1 percent of people. The most recent data (1999) showed that an even smaller group--a mere two-tenths of 1 percent at the very top--made more money on the sale of stocks and bonds than all other taxpayers taken together. These are truly medieval patterns."

[snip] Let's not kid ourselves. From the online "Reason Express": "The 21st century will see great advances in biotech, and the U.S. will not dictate what those advances will be. The federal government may opt to ban, restrict, or refrain from funding research involving human somatic cell nuclear transfer, but labs elsewhere in the world will pay no heed to political dust-ups in Washington. To pretend otherwise is madness."

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