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[snip] Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. "Feminists made it possible for women to be politically involved enough to fight against women's political involvement," writes Amanda Marcotte at "Feminists made birth control available so that women who would otherwise be tending baby after baby can help overturn laws that ensure one's right to birth control."

[snip] Originalist sin. Judicial fundamentalists committed to the "original" meaning of the Constitution sometimes "seem to follow their own partisan convictions rather than the original understanding," writes the University of Chicago's Cass Sunstein in the New Republic. On the Supreme Court, fundamentalists such as Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas "have voted in favor of striking down affirmative action programs without even bothering to investigate the question of whether such programs are inconsistent with the original understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment. (They aren't.)"

[snip] Your boss donating heavily to politicians? Dust off that resume. "Outsized political contributions can also signal problems ahead," writes Marc Gunther in Business Ethics. "Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, and Qwest all gave contributions significantly higher than industry averages before they got into trouble."

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