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[snip] The great Republican divide. Eric Kelderman writes at "'I think you're going to find a universal disdain among governors, Democrat and Republican, with this attitude that the federal government continually has . . . that the states are mere satellites of a centralized federal authority,' outgoing NGA [National Governors Association] Chairman Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) said at the meeting's opening press conference Aug. 5. 'To be blunt, I sometimes wonder if people in Washington ever passed ninth-grade civics.'"

[snip] "It would seem as if God benefits from double standards of a kind that would make even affirmative action look just," writes Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute in the American Conservative magazine: "If God deserves thanks for fending off assaults on the United States after 9/11, why is he not also responsible for allowing the 2001 hijackings to happen in the first place?"

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