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God needs a new lesson plan. "Our great American satirist, Ambrose Bierce, once joshed that war is God's way of teaching Americans geography," said William R. Polk, former history professor at the University of Chicago, in recent congressional testimony. But "after four years of the Iraq war, six out of ten Americans between 18 and 24 could not even locate Iraq on a map."

"I hate all Iranians." That was Debra Cagan, a Bush foreign policy adviser and deputy assistant secretary for coalition affairs to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, speaking to six members of Parliament. The Pentagon denied it, but the Daily Mail reports that three MPs confirmed the statement, one declined to comment, and the other two couldn't be reached.

"Health reform built on private insurance isn't working and can't work," write Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein, cofounders of the Physicians for a National Health Program. "It costs too much and delivers too little. At present, bureaucracy consumes 31 percent of each healthcare dollar. . . . Administrative costs at Blue Cross are nearly five times higher than Medicare's and 11 times those in Canada's single payer system." --Harold Henderson,

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