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Sofia and the Stubborn Man

Plenty of filmmakers have employed fairy-tale trappings to tell stories about emotionally stunted adults, but in this Colombian feature the approach feels warranted: had the story been presented any other way, it might have been unwatchably sad. Almodovar regular Carmen Maura plays a passive, childlike woman who's never left her isolated village; the "stubborn man" is her husband, a benign tyrant who's kept her from ever leaving. Maura's endearing, mainly silent performance recalls Giulietta Masina in Nights of Cabiria, and the colorful production design evokes Disney cartoons. Writer-director Andrés Burgos doesn't really transform these references into anything unique, but the movie is touching all the same. In Spanish with subtitles.



  • Andres Burgos


  • Gustavo Angarita
  • Julian Arango
  • Sofia Cartio
  • Constanza Duque
  • Eva González
  • Carmen Maura
  • Lourdes Perea
  • Jair Romero
  • Carlos Vega


  • Carolina Anrango
  • Cristina Villar
  • Julián Giraldo

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