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When: Sat., Aug. 22, 9:30 p.m. 2009

Orlando hip-hop quartet the Solillaquists of Sound are revved up to battle evil—war, sexism, racism, the stupid gangsta rappers who get all the attention—and they drag an impressive array of musical weapons into the fray. To Swamburger’s rhymes and DiVinci’s beats (which include a few house tracks) they add two sweet and jazzy female singers, Tonya Combs and Alexandrah, one of whom has a voice so refined she sometimes sounds like a theremin. On their recent sophomore LP, No More Heroes (Anti-), a love song that Jarvis Cocker might’ve written for a girl group jostles with political ruminations full of gothy synths and menacing violin. The group’s current single, “New Sheriff in Town,” opens with rapid-fire rhyming over a chunky, distorted stomp, segues into a bludgeoning drum loop that sounds like a power-metal tom fill, and then returns to the initial beat, this time juxtaposed against outer-space soul harmonies from the ladies; DiVinci wraps it up by chanting through a homemade talk box. Before I got hooked on Pandora, I might’ve called this disc unfocused, but nowadays I can sit back and enjoy the verve with which the Solillaquists cover their enormous range. —Ann Sterzinger

Price: $10, 17+

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