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Some Body

Henry Barrial's Dogma 95-like digital feature documents a grade-school teacher's downward spiral into drug abuse and one-night stands. Having broken up with a longtime boyfriend who was boring and inadequate in bed, she parties, snorts coke, sleeps with any available man, whines when her ex takes up with a new woman, and yaks incessantly about relationships. Stephanie Bennett wrote the script with Barrial, basing it in part on her own life; she also plays the lead, acting the part of a 30ish neurotic single with conviction and gutsy energy. But Bennett is also self-indulgent, giving us few clues as to what's behind this destructively hedonist behavior; instead we get shortcut insights as she and the men confess into the camera—one example of the pointless editing razzle-dazzle that clutters up the film. Geoffrey Pepos's camerawork is nimble, but he mistakes close-ups for intimacy—not that I wanted to know more about this vacuous crowd after the first reel. 77 min.

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