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Something's Gotta Give

Nancy Meyers, who scripted the Diane Keaton hit Baby Boom (1987), delivers an agreeable comedy well tailored to Keaton and Jack Nicholson: she's an uptight New York playwright with a house in the Hamptons, he's a raffish music mogul dating her 30-year-old daughter. Nicholson becomes Keaton's guest for a week after suffering a mild heart attack; meanwhile the attending physician (Keanu Reeves) makes romantic overtures to her. Quite hilarious in its first hour, when the two leads dig into the subject of women and age, the movie becomes strained in the second, as Keaton—supposedly a heavyweight literary talent—writes and stages an atrocious play about Nicholson. In the end I didn't believe in their relationship, but I was pleased to see Keaton tearing it up for two hours. PG-13, 128 min.

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