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Sons of Cuba

Cuba owes its enduring dominance in Olympic boxing to the fact that the state grooms promising fighters from the age of nine at a special boarding school called the Havana Boxing Academy. Ostensibly given an all-access pass to the facility, British documentarian Andrew Lang serves up a variation on the marketable Hoop Dreams template by focusing on three hard-working 70-pounders, all of them black, dirt-poor, and as sweet as their training and indoctrination are harsh. Those disposed to privilege apolitical underdog drama over the spectacle of childhoods sacrificed to the glory of La Revolucion will find this 2009 video inspiring; I thought it was tragic, but then I felt that way about Hoop Dreams too. In Spanish with subtitles. 88 min.



  • Andrew Lang


  • Yosvani Bonachea
  • Cristian Martinez
  • Santos Urguelles


  • Laura Giles
  • Francine Heywood
  • Andrew Lang

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