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Sorority Boys

The humor of drag comedy can lie in men failing at being women (Milton Berle) or reveling in their feminine side (Jack Lemmon). This numbingly bad movie tries for a bit of both and misses. The frat-boy heroes are misogynist jerks who get taught a lesson when forced to masquerade as members of the Delta Omicron Gamma (get it?) sorority. But somewhere between the ugly-girl jokes and the menstruation jokes, it becomes painfully clear that the filmmakers are misogynist jerks too. And even if you don't mind that—it is a gross-out comedy after all—the jokes are poorly conceived and ineptly executed, the pacing is wooden, the cameos by Animal House actors are pathetic, and the whole thing's an eyesore. Directed by Wallace Wolodarsky. 94 min.


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