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SpaceDisco One

45 minutes

Since the late 80s underground video artist Damon Packard has created a series of no-budget movies that recycle visual and aural elements from 70s horror and sci-fi into creepy, arty, extremely personal works. This 2007 effort incorporates footage from two dystopian fantasies—the camp classic Logan's Run (1976) and the gloomy George Orwell adaptation Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)—along with such cultural effluvia as vintage TV commercials for Atari video games, interview segments with British director Ken Russell, and shots from the original Battlestar Galactica. With ingredients like these, the movie may sound like a kitsch exercise, but any such tone is partly neutralized by Packard's aggressive experimentation: live-action scenes teem with freaky video effects, and the soundtrack maintains a low boil of ambient music, strident sound effects, modernist scores from 70s movies, and Top-40 dance hits. The secret ingredient, though, is the occasional sound-bites from current news shows and talk radio, which reveal the movie's nightmare future to be our own present day.

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