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Spectacle '05: Loves Me . . . Loves Me Not


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Redmoon Theater's late-summer spectacle, set this year on the Jackson Park lagoon, is beautiful, ambitious, and well-intentioned. At least I think it's well-intentioned--it's hard to say. There's a lot of motoring and paddling on- and offstage with little clear sense of why. True, the production had to be rethought because of the horrors wrought by Katrina: reportedly the show's flooded houses and floating set pieces were made less humorous, more direful. But a more fundamental problem is the viewers' distance from the action: it's hard to see it, much less interpret it. What ends up happening is that the beauty and power of nature--the trees, water, and sky--dwarf all the human effort. Through 9/25: Thu-Sun, dusk (approximately 7:30 PM). Museum of Science and Industry, Jackson Park Lagoon, (south side of museum), 5700 S. Lake Shore Dr., 312-850-8440, ext. 111. $10; free for children; 10 percent of ticket sales benefit American Red Cross.

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