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Speedy Ortiz, Krill, Two Inch Astronaut, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard Recommended Image

When: Thu., April 30, 9 p.m. 2015

Though Speedy Ortiz have enjoyed a swift rise through the ranks of artful, slightly twisted indie-rock—the variety appealing to kids with disheveled, greasy hair and holes in the elbows of their cardigans—they haven’t much bothered with ironing out the wrinkles in their disjointed, jerky sound. If anything they’ve gnarled it further. Beginning with “Good Neck,” the short opening track that’s 90 percent clatter and 10 percent front woman Sadie Dupuis’s delicate but mighty voice, the great new Foil Deer (Carpark) tumbles forth like a poetry-slam performance, with tangents of shredded guitar blooming from tangents of shredded guitar and jagged rhythms marching along like they were created via an obscure stop-motion technique. Something of a departure from 2013’s Major Arcana, the album flirts with a much harder, abrasive sound as Dupuis wills each track to stay its course—thanks in part to what seems a more efficient understanding of how to write sing-along lyrics. While “Raising the Skate,” featuring a gently rising guitar riff that nudges along Dupuis’s vocals, is a Speedy Ortiz single tried-and-true, Foil Deer is more fascinating for a ripper like “Homonovus” (let’s never mind the dark and strangely electro “Puffer”), which toys with mathy melodies and owns a blown-out chorus that is more just straight-up noise rock than anything else. —Kevin Warwick

Price: $15, $13 in advance

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