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Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation '97

There are several repeats from previous Spike and Mikes in this generally unremarkable collection of animated shorts, mostly by and for the scatologically obsessed. This release's claim to fame is The Spirit of Christmas by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (TV's South Park), which you're meant to think is radically irreverent because it takes on both Jesus and Santa Claus. Sloaches Fun House by Steve Margolis is a clay animation that piles on the fucking, shitting, and coming of grotesque characters as if the Marquis de Sade had never put pen to paper. It's supposed to have an edge because it's disgusting and erotic, but it's mainly obnoxiously smug—only the filmmaker's eagerness to dramatize his imaginings for public consumption is provocative. The Booby Trap (DNA Productions) is a likable and oddly feministic action-parable spoof set in a strip club where a sagging elderly dancer is getting all the tips.


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