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Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation

Around two dozen shorts, many of them about feces, mucus, or how women are voracious, irrationally cruel, and stunningly hypocritical. One venomous Grateful Dead parody (Tie Dye Dick by Dave Smith) borders on copyright infringement as it evokes the band's music, logos, and fallen leader. Home Honey, I'm High is a mildly amusing, quaintly drawn situation comedy by Kevin Kaliher about a very traditional family of pot smokers. David Thomas's Tasty Beef is a canned-irony PSA for vegetarianism. Left Over Dog, credited to Britain's Channel Four, shows how a corporate attorney who undergoes plastic surgery so she can moonlight as a model is undone because she has the audacity to try to be conventionally attractive and successful. Ah l'Amour by Don Hertzfeldt is a bitter story whose stick-figure protagonist attempts to connect with several stick-figure women he happens to walk past; most react to his innocent opener as if they'd been in a bad relationship with him for years. One tears his heart from his chest, one pierces his eyes with daggers; another is fat, so he doesn't even bother with her. The eventual punch line is an exception in this program; most of these little movies resolve in an obvious way after either attempting to shock you with one jolt or being purposelessly repetitious.

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