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Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 AM-7 PM, Sunday 10 AM-6 PM

Price: $

New Chicago location of the LA cupcake shop.

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"Please keep door closed. This helps us maintain the freshness of our cupcakes," says a sign on the door at Sprinkles, the Gold Coast import of the Beverly Hills cupcake shop. In the storefront alcove--dotted with their signature cupcake pasties--are TVs with Access Hollywood surprising Victoria's Secret models with the treats before they head down the runway. They lick the icing. A sweet smiley face asks me what I want and I tell her, forking over my whole week's lunch money--the cupcakes are $3.25 each, $36 for a dozen, in flavors that range from black-and-white, dark chocolate, and red velvet (all available daily) to chai latte, ginger-lemon, and seasonal specials like caramel apple. I ride the train home with my box full of cupcake action; my wife is giddy to see me with my package. So much icing, but definitely not too much. Bliss.

Fred Sasaki

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