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This ludicrously naive love-versus-sex comedy (1997) by Rusty Cundieff seems to be targeting adults, though its cartoony characters act like children. Cundieff plays Montel, who goes to a party with his friend Clyde (Joe Torry)—his opposite as far as courtship behavior goes—and they meet Tisha Campbell and Paula Jai Parker, who play friends of equally disparate dispositions. A stereotypically functional couple and a stereotypically dysfunctional one can't both live happily ever after in a story that wants so desperately to use the goody-goody couple as an example of mature, ethical courtship behavior—an agenda the movie makes clear in a preachy scene where Montel expresses his views to Clyde in public, cheered on by a bunch of supportive strangers. Montel's a transparent role model—a flat character as unaware of the contradictions inherent in his earnestness as the writers must have been when they scripted him. 105 min.

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