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Star Kid

Like most fictional 12-year-old boys, Spencer (Joseph Mazzello), a Marvel Comics fan, is as afraid of the girl he likes as he is of the school-yard bully who harasses him. At the end of one particularly rough day he sees something from space land in a junkyard across the street from his house. It turns out to be a “cyborsuit”—an intelligent robot you can wear—and it invites him to step inside. The suit, affectionately known as Cy, is the only character in this movie with an even slightly rounded personality—Spencer's the kind of kid who exists only in the minds of screenwriters, and his G-rated, action-hero dialogue may be patronizing to real kids. The most intriguing part of this fantasy adventure is Spencer's inside view of the robot's head as they share responsibility for the suit's motor skills while battling intergalactic and adolescent enemies (and impressing Spencer's prospective girlfriend). If Cy's technology were to fall into the hands of enemies it would enable them to conquer his planet of origin and ultimately the earth, Cy explains to Spencer—a not-so-subtle attempt by writer-director Manny Coto to use domino theory to give the story a righteous moral.

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