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In 1990 Michigan native and founder of Domon's Pizza Thomas Monaghan claimed a family of four could eat on $150 to $300 a year. Monaghan (then estimated to be worth $400 million) said, "To me one of the most exciting thinkgs in the world is being poor."

Wolverines do not live in Michigan.

To buy a pistol in Michigan you must pass a 15-item true/false test. The answers can be found in a safety brochure, which is administered prior to the test. Two questions test takers need to be prepared for: "You should treat every pistol as if it were loaded," and "You should always keep the barrel of the pistol pointed in a safe direction." To pass you must receive a score of 11. If you fail, you can take the test again immediately.

Elkton resident Lorne Gascho received a postcard from his father on February 3, 1976. It had been mailed from Chicago on January 7, 1908.


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