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When: Sat., April 23, 4:30 p.m. 2011

Born out of the London squats in the late 1970s, art-punk collective Crass were both very much of their time and well ahead of it. Cofounders Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud never quite fit with the working-class (or wannabe working-class) nihilism of, say, the Sex Pistols, being both extremely idealistic and a little too literate for their own good. Due in large part to Crass's influence, punk aesthetics and politics increasingly absorbed anarchist philosophy, social-justice activism, and elements of neo-Fluxus street theater and culture jamming—within the punk community, pacifist/vegetarian/collectivist thought started to become a norm in its own right, not just a consequence of rejecting the norms of the larger society. The band's praxis actually started to overshadow their music, and they probably didn't mind too much . . . at least until their breakthrough third album, 1981's experimental Penis Envy, which pissed off oi-machos (who needed it simple) as well as British censors (who still had teeth). Crass proper called it quits in 1984, but front man Steve Ignorant has performed the band's music intermittently since then (to the disapproval of Rimbaud). I'm with Ignorant on this one. Though the collective may be gone and the times may have changed, Crass's songs still deserve to be aired onstage. Nonetheless, Ignorant says this "Last Supper" world tour will be the final time he'll perform them live; his last-ever show is set for November in London. —Monica Kendrick

Price: $25, $20 in advance

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