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I typically find your work [Hot Type] insightful and sometimes wise, and I respect your experience as a former reporter and current media observer.

I am annoyed, though, with the lead item in this week's column [December 1], in which you take two pundits to the woodshed. Yes, they deserve it, and you make good points, and the column is well written. Yet what on earth does it have to do with local media, really? The lead item reads like part XVII

of an ongoing debate on some political blog (a good one, that is) and really gives me no news or insight

on the workings of local media. Additionally, who doesn't know pundits often are full of hot air? You could write a twice-a-day column bursting all those hot-air balloons.

I'd rather see more Hot Types that dig into the workings of local media and offer observations about how they go about reporting, how the media companies are changing, and the host of other issues that seem far more important than you "arguing" with two gasbag pundits whose work appears in local papers. You are one of a relatively small number of people in this city with the experience, skill, and drive to do this on a regular basis. Please, do it more often and refrain from wasting valuable weekly space.

Thad Rueter


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