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Stranger's Kiss

During the making of a low-budget movie strangely like Stanley Kubrick's Killer's Kiss, a director strangely like Stanley Kubrick (Peter Coyote) cruelly arranges a love affair between his two leads (Victoria Tennant and Blaine Novak) in hopes of giving his film a spark of authenticity. Too bad director Matthew Chapman didn't try the same thing for this slick, tony, and utterly worthless illusion-and-reality puzzle, but he was probably too busy toying with his snazzy lighting setups to notice that he had any actors at all. It's difficult to say which is more academic: the trite, pretentious screenplay or the relentlessly pretty visuals. Tennant's gentle, low-key performance introduces some flashes of humanity, but Chapman quickly blots them out with his heavy-handed fatalism. With Dan Shor.


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