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Stuart Brent's Pathetic Shrine


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Letter to the Editor:

In response to bookseller Stuart Brent's comments on the new trend to create a friendly atmosphere in bookstores as being a "cosmic joke" [Culture Club, November 4], it is no wonder that he would feel this way. His bookshop on North Michigan seems to be just a pathetic shrine to his ego, carrying only those books that follow the narrow path of he and his mind-set. The staff on hand are of the most arrogant variety who wince and whine at the task of lowering themselves to wait on customers, or even worse, having to take a special order. The selection and variety of books on hand is pathetic at best. I say bring on the Waterstone's and Borders if they offer friendly help, variety and a warm atmosphere. Let Brent and his ego shrine pass on into history where it can be bothered no more. I, for one, would prefer the "cosmic joke" rather than reward Brent's defunct worldview and thus his pocketbook.

John J. Fitzgerald

W. Berwyn

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