Studio 22 Shorts Night

Three shorts made over the past eight years by students in Studio 22, the extracurricular film club at Northwestern University. They're technically accomplished—shot on 16-millimeter and transferred to video—but the writing varies. The main attraction is Lionel on His Sun Day (1997, 25 min.) by Zach Braff, who has since made good as a TV actor (Scrubs) and feature film director (the brilliant Garden State). With a queasy humor reminiscent of Brazil and Eraserhead, he tracks his title character, a greasy dweeb in Coke-bottle glasses, as he ascends a grimy tenement staircase and encounters bizarre characters at each landing. Leif Johnson's The Gary We Know and Love (1999, 19 min.) is a gently campy celebrity profile of a supermarket cashier, and Peter Galassi and Katie Motush's Buskin' (18 min.) is a weak exercise in indie-rock irony with impressive (and completely incongruous) wide-screen framing.

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