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When: Sat., April 24, 10 p.m. 2010

Formed in Cleveland in 1975 by Paul Marotta, the Styrenes (and their companion bands, the Electric Eels and Mirrors, which also include Marotta) often get thrown into the proto-punk grab bag because the keepers of the categories don't quite know what else to call them. But like their mates Pere Ubu, the Styrenes are really a sprawling, ambitious, hard-to-pigeonhole concept. They've written freestyle Beat-like spoken-word pieces, flirted with jazz fusion and classical gases, and recorded a version of In C by minimalist composer Terry Riley. They're a grab bag unto themselves, and they can do it all without losing their focus and intensity. This tour, however, is about their rock 'n' roll side, most recently explored on 2008's City of Women (Rent-a-Dog), a collection of intense and efficient songs mostly written by New York singer-songwriter Tom Warnick (why? because Marotta liked them) and given a rough-and-ready buzzsaw treatment. On this tour a lineup that includes Mirrors mastermind Jamie Klimek and Electric Eels founder John Morton (both on guitar, trading lead vocals with Marotta) will play songs by all three bands. —Monica Kendrick

Price: $10, limited $5 tickets

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