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Super Scott-T's


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Dear Jane and Alison,

I just picked up my Weekly Reader in order 2 C what Galleries I will B checking out tonight & was just flabbergasted ENUF 2 write & kommend U on the terrific Scottie dog--COW-lossal Takeoff your select artists did for this issue [August 6]. I love ALL Animals but am partial to Cats, being born a Leo with my birthday falling on Monday, but all these Scotties got so much PURR-sonality! Whose idea was it? Give that guy or gal or team a Bone! It's bone-a-fide ART & it's inspired me so much I am going 2 tear them out of the paper, hoard a bunch of them 2 save, & then rubber cement them down on paper & mail them as a Deluxe Scottie Scrapbook 2 my small & grateful Niece in LA-LA Land! Then, after that Project is done, I am going 2 draw my own since I've developed a Pen & Ink style that I use for all my Kids' Books & Encyclopedias!

What a Trip! Hey, U don't even have 2 dash from gallery-2-gallery in this severe Chi-Town Heat Spell when the Chicago Reader has it all there 4 U! I hope this is a kontinuing Art-full Project U will B doing. Furthermore, U could definitely host a Gallery Party where the Top Scots R on display & get sponsorship through that Liquor Company that has the Scotties on their Label. (I am not sure of their name, but I know they R top shelfers--like the drawings.) It would B fun 2 meet these people. I would guess the Humane Society would like 2 get involved as well, as plenty of Scotties must go thru their doors! I've done PR for most of my LifeTime so these ideas come E-Z 4 me--& since I am not easily impressed, I had 2 E-write immediately & let U know that these Super Scotties did the Job!

Congratulations on showing & proving again that a Picture does indeed express 1,000 Words--even in Black & White! Now, that's E-ntertainment!

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

W. Rosemont

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