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Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days
Open late: Friday & Saturday till 2, other nights till 1

Price: $

Northwest-side drive-in that dates back to the dawn of the tailfin.

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From the time you spot Tarzan-clad Superdawg and his coy wienie sweetie towering over Milwaukee Avenue to the moment you beckon a carhop with the flip of a switch, you know you're at a tailfin-era original the likes of which Ed Debevic's or Chevy's can only dream of being. The Superdawg itself is one of Chicago's outstanding hot dogs, an oversize garlicky natural-casing wienie as plump as a 50s starlet. The Superburger--a thin patty fried to a crispy crust and dotted with tiny diced onions--might be even better. Both "lounge contentedly,” as the charmingly corny restaurant copy has it, in crinkle-cut fries; accompaniments include pickles and pickled green tomatoes (though not, on the dogs, ketchup). Spoon-thick shakes round out the four food groups. Superdawg has a walk-up window and a few outdoor tables, but there's no substitute for eating in your car, just because this is America and you can. The memories will haunt your upholstery for weeks.

Michael Gebert

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