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Surely You Suggest?


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While I'm always grateful to receive a mention in the column of fellow media critic Michael Miner, I'd like to make clear that I did not suggest in a recent column of my own at that Sun-Times publisher John Cruickshank and editor Michael Cooke resign [Hot Type, March 23]. Rather, I suggested (or meant to suggest) that they come clean to their readers about their knowledge and participation about editorial abuses that occurred at the paper during the Conrad Black-David Radler years, and/or face removal by the post-Black management team of the paper's parent company.

Steve Rhodes

The Beachwood Reporter

Michael Miner replies:

I was responding to this line by Steve Rhodes in the Beachwood Reporter: "Cooke and Cruickshank are still Black and Radler's boys. Maybe it's time to clean house." It would have been more accurate for me to have written that Rhodes suggested that it be suggested that they resign.

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