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Michael Douglas's fingerprints are all over this high school thriller: it was coproduced by his company, Further Films; it stars Erika Christensen, who played his junkie daughter in Traffic; and its script, by Charles Bohl and Phillip Schneider, slickly adapts Fatal Attraction (1985) to the teen-drama market. Jesse Bradford plays a swimming hero who betrays his adoring and attentive sweetheart (Shiri Appleby) during a late-night pool encounter with Christensen, a spooky new classmate who has a thing for him. After their chlorinated coupling she won't take no for an answer and begins invading his school locker room, his home, his circle of friends, and his part-time job, ratcheting up the tension as a big swim meet approaches. Director John Polson mutes the conservative sexual politics of the original film, focusing on the lightweight, efficient suspense story; the film seems to take for granted that sex and emotional commitment are two separate things, though in a country where middle school kids go down on each other perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. With Kate Burton and Dan Hedaya. 85 min.


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